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At North Spokane Young Life, our goal is to care for students on their turf and build meaningful and substantial relationships with them compelled by Christ’s love. 
You are already caring for students in your school everyday, and we’d love to work with you. We know you can’t do it all but we ask that you pray about what you can do to support Young Life at your school.​
  • Become a prayer partner - pray for students and leaders.
  • Meet with leaders to discuss kids 
  • Offer up your room for a lunch gathering or YL events.

  • High-five a YL leader when you see them
  • Hang a YL club poster in your classroom
​ ​​Entrees
  • ​Be a Young Life School Liaison
  • Join a YL Ambass​ador Team
  • Become a Young Life leader
  • Attend club  on occasion
  • Wear a YL T-shirt on Mondays
  • ​Lead or host a campaigners ​group     
  • Go to Camp!
  • Jo​​​in the Young Life Committee
  • Bring snacks to club or leader activities
  • Participate in music, skits, or games
We thrive on creativity!
If there is a way you can serve that isn’t listed, let us know.

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