Malibu Trip Information

For 9th-12th graders currently attending:
Mead or Mt. Spokane High School

Trip Information
What is Malibu?
Malibu is a Young Life camp 100 miles NW of Vancouver British Columbia on the Princess Louisa Inlet and is accessible only by boat or seaplane.
Where is Malibu and how long does it take to get there?
The bus will take you from the North Spokane Young Life office to Vancouver British Columbia; take the BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, then up the Sunshine Coast to Egmont, BC. There you will join with campers from other areas for a three-hour cruise on the Malibu Princess (Young Life’s own yacht). The whole adventure takes about 18 hours (Wahoo)
Where does my camper get on the bus and where do I pick them up?
The bus will be departing from Fastkart located at 1224 E Front Ave (next to Sky High) at 9pm on August 2nd. Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in so that we can depart on time. We will return to Shadle Park High School (parking lot on the corner of Wellesley and Ash) on August 10th between 3am and 5am. We will have campers call parents with a more accurate time once the bus has crossed the border.

How can I contact my camper in case of emergency?
The Malibu office in Egmont will be in contact with Malibu on a daily basis. Contact between the mainland and Malibu is via satellite phone only. There are no direct phone lines in or out of Malibu, and there is no cell phone service in Malibu. During office hours (8 am-4 pm PST, Monday thru Friday), you may call the Egmont office at (604) 883-2582. They will transmit your emergency message to your camper. After hours, follow the directions on the Malibu answering machine at Egmont: (604) 883-2582. The Malibu fax at Egmont is (604) 883-2082. Malibu answering machine at Egmont: (604) 883-2582. The Malibu fax at Egmont is (604) 883-2082.

How do I send mail to campers?
There is no guarantee how quickly mail will be delivered to Malibu as the job is split between the US and Canada. It might be best to have any camper mail sent up with our trip leaders. Please contact our trip leader to discuss this option.

Address letters to: 
<<Your Camper’s Name>>
Malibu Club
P.O. Box 49
6545 Maple Road
Egmont, BC V0N 1N0

If you are sending a care package ensure that you write “GIFT” on any customs documentation.  If this is not done your camper will have to pay duty on their package before it will be pick up from the post office for them.

There are 2 Doctors that stay the entire week at Malibu with the campers.  They are on call throughout the week for emergencies or at the “Medicine man” ½ hour after breakfast and dinner.  They are also at every event throughout the week should they be needed.

What to bring:
Limit your baggage to one (1) suitcase or duffel and one (1) carry-on. Malibu provides all the sheets, blankets, bath towel, wash clothes, & pillows. You don’t have to bring a sleeping bag. You may want to bring your own pillow for that wonderful bus ride out.

  • Border Crossing Document(s)    See Border Crossing Information
  • Online Health And Consent Form filled out and submitted
  • The Canada Forms filled out and signed
  • Clothes, both warm & cold weather
  • Close toed shoes
  • Clothes that can get messy
  • Brush and flush stuff
  • Extra towel
  • Pillow (for the bus)
  • Swim suit
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Coat
  • Camera & Film* (If you want to take pictures, bring a camera that isn't a cell phone or tablet.)
  • Phone/tablet for the bus* (unavailable at camp)
  • Luggage lock


You may bring your phone and or tablet for traveling, but before you reach camp it will be kept in a safe place until your trip home.  All electronic devices will be collected and returned on the day of departure. Please inform your family that they will not be able to reach you on your cell phone.  (There is no cell service at Maibu.) There are emergency numbers listed above, family will not be able to reach campers on their cell phone while they are at camp. Be aware that some cell phones may not have service after crossing the border into Canada. Phones with service in Canada may be subject to extra roaming fees. Please contact your service provider for information on coverage in Canada. Young Life will not be responsible for any extra fees or service charges incurred by any camper who uses their cell phone on this trip.


You won’t need a lot of money while at camp because everything you do is included in the price.  You will need about $50 for meals on the way out and back.  Figure 2 meals each way, about $12 per meal, so $50 total. There is a camp store that sells Young Life apparel and other stuff.  There is also a snack bar that sells milkshakes, candy, nachos and such for your sugar fix.  It is also advisable to keep any excess cash locked up in the office vault.  US money is accepted.

Camp Meals: 
The dining experience at Malibu is Awesome!  The Dining Room has a beautiful ocean view and all meals are served family style.  The food is plentiful so you will not go hungry while at camp, and therefore do not need money for food unless you would like to eat at the snack bar or have ice cream.

What not to bring:
These are non-negotiable: (if caught with any of the following you will be sent home, Collect!  That means you pay!)

  • Drugs or Alcohol (crossing the Canadian Border is a “No No”)
    • Any prescription drugs must be in prescription containers
  • Weapons of any kind (duh!)


Trip Leader
Kaylee Kelly


Young Life North Spokane | PO Box 28861 Spokane, WA 99228-8861

Phone: (253) 376 - 1465

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