help send a kid to camp 

We never leave a camper behind because they can't pay for camp.  Instead we work hard all year to raise money to give kids scholarships to camp.  If you would like to join with us in our effort to "leave no camper behind" please click the button below to give to our campership fund.

​ Young Life Adventures - Santa Cruz
A small group of campaigner kids with their leaders 

July 21 - July 26, 2019


Malibu Trip
For Mead, Mt Spokane, Rogers, and our Capernaum Friends
July 31st - August 8th, 2019 

WFR Creekside Trip
For 7th-8th graders attending:
Garry, Mountainside, or Northwood
June 20th - June 24th, 2019


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Phone: (253) 376 - 1465

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