WRF Creekside Trip Camp Form

For 7th-8th graders currently attending: 
Garry, Mountainside, or Northwood Middle Schools

Every individual attending a Young Life summer camp must submit a completed health and consent form before leaving for camp. 

First time users can follow the easy steps below to complete the form. You may save your work and return to the form prior to submission. 

Returning users, you can log back into your account, make a copy of your child's past health form, and update it with current information.

information to complete the form:
  • Home area  – WA427 
  • Camp name – WFR Creekside
  • Guest Type  – Camper
  • Camp dates – 07/01/17 -07/05/17
  • Health insurance information – Insurance company name, policy number, mailing address and phone.
  • Health history you will just need the approximate dates of your child's vaccinations, paper copies of their immunization records are NOT needed.
  • Physicians signature is NOT needed to attend this camp
Access health form
First Time Users:
1. Create an account using the Create an Account link.
2. Click the Create New Form button. 
3. Create your online signature.
4. Complete each page of the form, then click the Submit Form button.

Trip Leaders
Melanie Hynden

Steven Mumford


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